Thursday 1/24
Make a practice spread.  The left side will be JV Football and the right side will be  Varsity Football.  Make sure to include the teamshots.  The best page will win$10.00 and will be used in the book

Monday 11/19
Open a new practice page.  Name it last-first-big-bone-rally. Create a single page to the left that will become the design for the Big Bone Rally coming up.  We don't have pics yet so you must create the layout with blue placeholder pages.  Make the  page to the right a random collage page.  You can use any pic that has been uploaded so far.  Try to use pics that have NOT been used in other pages thus far.  Go to the ladder and look at what has been used.  Save your work.

Monday 10/29
Finish the Cheer page.  Screen shot it.  You will turn it in at the start of class on Wenesday.

If someone could check with Ms. Yuhara to try to get Cheer team picks that would be great.

Who will be photographing Halloween costumes???  Pleas stop by before 1st period or at break to get cameras. We need lots of good pics for halloween!

Thursday 10/25
All class Cheer pg

Thursday 10/11
For next class be prepared to:

  • Turn in Spirit week
  • Crop Girls Tennis

Tuesday 9/18
Demo/ group work:

  • Copy, paste, group ungroup.
  • Align, mirror
On your own - Copy these
To be checked off for credit 15 minutes before bell TODAY!

copy, paste, group

Align, mirror

Friday  9/14
Discuss design cover contest.

shapes boxes, copy paste and align.  Make an abstract pattern page.

Vote for Clubrush page. $10 winner

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