Multimedia Adv

Monday 5/6
row 3

Thursday 5/2
row 4

Finish your personal yearbook with the My Last Words page.  It must contain a pic oc You and your last words.  Have all pages in a folder on your computer called last-first-personal-yearbook.  To be turned in soon.

Wednesday 4/24
Add to your personal yearbook. All pages are 8.5 x 11 and in Photoshop.  Make the Friends pages (2pages).  You may want to grab a camera to add pics.  Look at old yearbooks for inspiration.

So far you will have all of the following:

• Cover
• Intro page
• Friends page 1
• Friends page 2

We can still use some more pics for back to school night.

Monday 4/22
Make your own yearbook in Photoshop:
To start, make the cover.  It can be anything you want but must include the following information:

  • Yearbook San Jose High School
  • 2019
  • Memories and Friendships
Make page two, the introduction as well.  Both pages will be 8.5 x 11
Take a photograph.  Pose as Auguste Rodin's  "The Thinker"  DUE TODAY AT 9:00. Submit on memory card as last-first-august-rodin-thinker.  Save it to your Google drive also.

Thursday 4/18
copy the blue words to the 1/4 sheet of paper (These are steps you will need to complete today’s activities)  Leave the 1/4 sheet at your assigned seat.

• Image, Adjustments, Hue/Saturation
• font: Cooper STD
• geometric pattern

2  (10 points)
Copy  the following image exactly 
To change  the color of the strawberries you will go to:  Image, Adjustments, Hue/Saturation and slide the Hue slider.
The type is Cooper STD.

Here is the image to copy and some strawberries as imagery.  Flatten the image by going to Layer, Flatten Image, and then save as a jpeg and submit to techartcity as last-first-blueberries.

3  (10 pts)
Take a photograph of a geometric pattern.  Submit to techartcity as last-first-geometric


Friday 4/5
Exploring ways of drawing continued:
Trace the bird and the house using the pentool
download this one

download this one


Paint (demo and then you try) Download the eye for the demo.


Wednesday 4/3
Exploring ways of drawing continued:
PhotoShop has a great tracing tool called the Magic Wand.

Follow demo:  Magic wand.

Make a bar filled with four different silhouettes (shadows) 

example:  The first two completed

Monday 4/1

1.  Make two characters with shapes.  It's ok to add features by stealing things from Goog Images, Clip art.
Use marquee tools or the pen tool to make basic shapes and then add to it.
Name the character.
Decide what career path your character will take in life.
DUE at the end of class TODAY.

Submit as last-first-character-1,2

This is Wanda Cruz
She is an Opera Singer

Thursday 3/28
Finish up the short report (refer to last class 3/26 item 1)

Explore Different ways of Illustrating

Tuesday 3/26
Select your favorite surrealist from the list and make a cube of just this artist.  Also do a short 3 paragraph report on this artist as a goog doc. about 300 words.
Name it last-first-fav-surrealist.  You will turn it in by submitting to techartcity and by putting a copy on the Memory Card.

The List:
Rene Magritte

• Frida Kahlo

• Jerry Uelsmann

• Man Ray

• Hieronymus Bosh (Not really of the Surrealist movement) 

Your surreal image is DUE TODAY at the end of class. (See item 3 from last Thursday)


Monday 3/18
Turn in you Surrealism movie.

As a final surrealism project you must combine three or more images to create a Surreal image.  At least one of the images must be taken with the camera by you.  You will, in a neat and clever way type the surreal device used on the actual image.

Here are some methods you might use to create your surrealism image:
• Clone tool
• paste into
• Hard work cutting and blending images with the eraser.
• distort

Example:  The following work by Jerry Uelsman could actually be Dislocation, Transformation or Scale.  Why? Write your answer on the paper provided.

Thursday 3/14

Make a short movie in imovie The file will be called last-first-surreal-devices

clip 1: Surrealism by YourName
clip 2: A surreal image is a dreamlike image.
clip 3: Here are examples of Surreal Devices

clip 4: Scale by (name one of the artists we studied. Example Magritte)
clip 5: (work of art to represent scale. Example Magritte's Apple in a room)

clip 6: Transformation by (name one of the artists we studied)
clip 7: (work of art to represent transformation)

clip 8: Dislocation by (name one of the artists we studied)
clip 9: (work of art to represent dislocation)

clip 10: Levitation by (name one of the artists we studied)
clip 11: (work of art to represent levitation)

clip 12: My work of art showing (which surreal device? Whatever it is)
clip 13: (work of art by me)

clip 14: Thanks for watching.

Include sound and transitions.

Tuesday 3/12
Contribute to the yearbook page by creating a simple surreal image.
Place some friends on the Cube.  To do, use Edit Transform, Distort.

Place a friend in a space ship.  To do this use Edit Paste Into.  "Sorry I turned you green Chistian."

Clone a friend onto the chick.  To do this use the Clone tool.  Remember to hold down the option key to take the picture. Use the Chick below or a creature of your choice.

Wednesday 3/6
Surreal Devices
Copy the blue words. Rene Magritte born 1898, died 1967. Rene Magritte is an artist of the surrealism movement.  His work clearly shows the surreal devices used to create dream-like images. 

These are the surreal devices:
Scale - Wrong size relationship
Transformation - Morphing or changing from one thing to another
Dislocation - In the wrong place
Levitation - Floating or flying

The following paintings by Magritte illustrate these surreal devices.





1. Demonstrate your understanding of the surreal devices using Photoshop and Mr. Joe.  Make an illustration showing The surreal device Levitation.

2. Combine two or more images from the internet to demonstrate the surreal device Scale (wrong size relationship) 

Save a screenshot of your two images to a folder called Surreal Devices and put it on your Goog drive for safe keeping.

You may use backgrounds from the internet and you may use the 'Mr. Joes' provided below.

Monday 3/4
Introducing the artists of The Surrealism Movement
• Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali born1904, died1989.  Salvador Dali was a part of the Surrealism movement. His art is about images from dreams and the subconscious mind.

• Rene Magritte

• Frida Kahlo

• Jerry Uelsmann

• Man Ray

• Hieronymus Bosh (Not really of the Surrealist movement) 

Make an 8.5 x 11 poster in photoshop. Title the poster Surrealism.  Find a work of art by each artist by doing a Google search and label it with their name.  Submit as last-first-surrealism-poster. 

----The Surrealism Movement in Art-----

Tuesday 2/26
NOTE:  The grading period ends this week!

Finish interview movie (See Monday 2/11)

Finish Famous Photograper Box.  This will go on the grade report submitted this week.  Time is up.

Make a second box: You may use any pics you wish.   Have a theme. "My best friends"  "My fav fuzzy creatures"  It may be whatever you like but have a theme.

Finish that project from another class that needs to be finished before grades are submitted.  Just do  it!

Monday 2/11
Interview Movie.
• formulate and ask the question.  Something like, "What s one mistake you don't want to make" or "wish you had not made?"
• Pay attention to loctaion of filming
• You must hold the video camera for this one
• Pay attention to light location.
• add an intro and do any other editing in imovie.

2. Finish your Famous Photographers box.

Tuesday 2/5
1. Complete the Famous Photographers box template to be submitted on memory card as last-first-template.

2. Take a few minutes to reflect.  What is it that makes the photographs of these famous photographers interesting.  Now we will finish our unit on still photography:

Take two photographs with the camera.
Your best work.  Name the file according to what it is: portrait, candid photo, action shot, group photo, abstract photo,  nature close up, surreal.  You name it.  Place your two photos in a folder named. last-first.


Wednesday 1/28
Complete template for Famous Photographer's Box
Use at least one example from each photographer and one of YOU and one of a friend.
1. Jerry Uelsman
2. Horst P Horst
3.  Dorothea Lange
4. Edward Weston
5. You
6. a friend

Here is the template to download.

Monday 1/28
Match the phtographer to the kind of photography.  Write on the paper provided, the name of the artist and the best word description.

1. Jerry Uelsman
2. Horst P Horst
3.  Dorothea Lange
4. Edward Weston

•  Photojournalist
•  Objects in nature
•  Surrealist
•  Fashion Photographer

Turn in the project on memory card. If your project is not finished you have time to finish less 10% late.  No projects will be accepted after Wednesday 1/30.

I f you are finished with everything,  create a surrealimage by combining images in photoshop.


Thursday 1/23
The project outlined on 1/9 is DUE today at the end of class.  Submit the pages about the photographers as:
last-first-photographer-1 and last-first-photographer-2

Submit the four images as:

Submit all to


Wednesday 1/9
Famous Artists
Your goal is to explore and report on two famous photographers.  You will research describe and report on two photographers and then imitate the work of  the photographers.

What will you turn in for credit.
• 2 pages (50points)
• 4 photographs in a folder, two for each photographer that you have chosen to imitate. (50 points)

Start Here

Pick one of the following photographers,  do some research, write 1/2 page (12 point type arial or times spaced with 24 pt leading)  The page will include
• Title: Name of the artist.
• Two examples of the photographers work.
• The 1/2 page of information
You are free to design the page by adding graphic elements.  The page must be 8.5 x 11. Keep your finished pages in a folder called Famous Photographers and copy it to your Goog Drive for safe keeping.

Here is an example of a completed page 8.5 x 11 :

Here are the links: Select any two you wish to research and then imitate using the camera.

Reading links:
Edward Weston
Jerry Uelsmann
Dorothea Lange
Horst P Horst

DUE  Thursday 1/23  (100 points possible) .  Late work will be accepted less 10% for ONLY one week.

>>>> S P R N G  S E M E S T E R  2019  S T A R T S  H E R E  <<<<<

Final Exam (100 points )
1. Make a movie about 30 seconds long. It will be judged on timing.  It must contain: title clips, pics, transitions and music.  The theme is My Three Favorite Jellyfish. (50)

2.  Make the 3.5 x 2 card centered on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. (50)

With guides showing

Guides hidden

Friday 12/7
This will be on the final.  You must be able to measure and make crop-marks.  Follow the example exactly.  One image shows the guides and the other image has guides Off so you can see crop-marks. You must have guides and cropmarks.



Monday 12/3
 Design a Product Package
You will design a box that will hold an imaginary product.  It must be for a specific Target Market.

GOAL: Create the package for a specific Target Group that demonstrates the following:
The design is for the Target Audience through
• over-all design or composition,
• use of imagery,
• type and
• color
• You have shown experimentation (no fewer than four design variations)
• You are able to describe verbally and in writing how these elements have been used to address the specific Target.

Points possible: 100

In PhotoShop make a canvas 3 x 2.
Name your product
decide on colors and imagery, pictures, ruled lines boxes, to start.  Lookat examples of similar products to get ideas. Think about:
  • imagery
  • colors
  • font
Use the layout provided to create each side of the box.  Have at least 4 variations. Look at your box as a "virtual 3d design." We will do this together.
Print your final design and paste the 6 sides onto a box.


Monday 11/19
Review a How to make movie (Not your own)
Open a Goog Doc Name it last-first-movie-review and answer the following questions:

  • 1. Over all was it enjoyable to watch and easy to understand?
  • 2. Did the participants introduce themselves?
  • 3. Were there parts that should have been cut from the movie?
  • 4. Was the timing good?
  • 5. WAs the sound balanced? Was it used properly and did it enhance the quality of the movie?
  • 6. What was done to conclude or end the movie? Describe it.
  • 7. Describe one thing that would have made the movie better.
  • 8. Describe one thing that was done well and made viewing enjoyable.
  • 9.  Do you have any other observations to share?

You are creating a box that holds a product.  What is the product?  What color combinations will you use?  Will the font be formal, feminine, masculine, childish? What kind of type is best.
HINT:  The final box that you will create has sides measuring 2x3 inches (the 3 inch dimensions are the top and bottom)  The top of the box is 3x3.
In PhotoShop make a first effort to design the box that will hold the product
  • What is the name of the product?
  • what are the colors that represent the product?
  • what font will you use?
  • Save your work to your Goog Drive.

Here are a couple of examples of different boxes that have been created.

Review a second movie last-first-movie-review-2 answering the same set of questios as above. Put it on the same goog doc and submit to

Thursday 11/17
Identify two well branded products.  Find them on th internet and put an image in a folder
example:  Starbucks coffee

(Be innovative and creative)
Arrange 3 balls 3 different ways. Size and color must be different.  Screenshot all of them together and
submit as: last-first-innovate-1

We Will see some How to Make movies.

Tuesday 11/13
- The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product. Branding aims to establish a significant presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

- The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

(Be innovative and creative)
Arrange 3 balls 3 different ways. Size and color must remain the same.  Screenshot all of them together and
submit as: last-first-innovate-1

Find a product and imitate the graphics in PhotoShop
Copy something like this:

If you are still working on your How To Make Movie, that comes first as it is DUE at 9: am TODAY.  It willl be collected on memory card.


Thursday 11/8
Check Up

How To Make ??? movie

• Write your name
• Under your name write the names of all members in your group.
• Describe your progress - Finished or Not finished.
• If your answer is ‘Not finished’ describe what needs to be done and what any problems or obstacles are.


Tuesday 11/6

Monday 10/29
In Photoshop make a sign 11 x 8.5 (landscape not portrait) That says:
How to Make (whatever it is you are making) by All Names In Your Group . Everybody make one and you can pick the best one to use in your movie.  Submit as last-first-sign to  DUE AT THE END OF CLASS TODAY!

Make whatever progress you can editing the footage you have or anything else you can do for your How To Make ?? movie.


Thursday 10/25
Chucks innovation (dental)
Edit How to Make movies
Scheduled Out With Camera for Monday 10/29: Kayla,  Melanie

Wednesday 10/171
Jacks innovations three

Work on How to Make movie

Make a short (30to 60 second) movie including info,
pics, transitions, sound about
My Favorite Creepy Insects by YourName


NOTE:  Two or three groups video record per session.
You MUST be ready when called.


Monday 10/15
Identify Jacks creative innovation.

Work on rough draft for How to Make ( two or three groups video record each class session)

Practice split clip  x2  to be checked off for credit



Tuesday 10/9
1. In order to be innovative we must learn to be creative.  What does it mean to be creative?
Write definitions for each of the following words:
  • create
  • variation
  • integrate
  • collaborate
  • rearrange
  • combine

2. Create an imovie containing the following clips
step 1-10

There will be a demo to get you started.

a different transition between each step, no two alike,  and a jingle that fades in and out.

3. Work on your How To Make Movie.

4. ?


Wednesday 9/26

List the problems to overcome as you go on paper.

Make the movie ………

1.  At your desk with a partner- FaceTime.

2. Using the vid camera in the hall at a table with a partner.

3.  Analysis of videos in small groups.

Apply what you have learned to your How To Make movie.

Be gathering stuff together for your how to make ??? movie.

Monday 9/24
How to Make ????
Pick a partner.  Find how to make a paper airplane on the internet.  Now show each other how to make a paper airplane, hopefully two different paper airplanes.

Individually, on paper describe in writing and with little sketches how to make a paper airplane.

Decide as partners what you will show us how to make.  Write it on the quarter sheet of paper.


Thursday 9/18
We have discussed being Innovative and creating Variations to find the Best Solution. Here is a poster demonstrating the process of photosynthesis - it is not the best design.

  • The type is poorly placed
  • Contrast and color could be improved
  • A far more attractive and innovative design is possible
  • What size is your poster if it is to be printed out? 
  • Feel free to ook at other designs to get ideas (goog images 'photosynthesis')

1. Make a photosynthesis poster that is the Best Design.  Do Image Duplicate change it up a bit so that you have one variation.

Submit both designs as last-first-photosynthesis to

Tuesday 9/18

Folder:  named last-first-innovative- change

Go to Friday 9/14 step 1.
turn in at 8:30

Folder:  named last-first-friend
Go to   Monday 9/10 step 2
turn in at 9:00

select the best ‘One Foot’ photo, crop it, change it with a filter and submit to good drive as:

Friday 9-14
Create innovative solutions X3
Change this poster 3 different ways:

Change colors, change font, change anything else - MAKE IT DIFFERENT  X3!
Pick the best two and submit as last-first-innovative- change and last-first-innovative- change2 to

2.  Group 1 and three will take group shots today.

3. ???

Wednesday 9-12
NOTE:  Row 1 and 3 will do group shots on Friday, 2 and 4 had a turn today.

Put the vocabulary words in a jar (PhotoShop)
• innovate
• variations
• variety
• best choice

Write 10 interview questions to turn in at the end of class.
Example topics:

• Change the world for better.

• The ten worst fashion faux pas (Fopa)
Definition:a slip or blunder in etiquette, manners, or conduct; an embarrassing social blunder or indiscretion.

• Why do you love sports so much?

• Bad Manners

•  Public Education

3. The Group Shot

Monday 9-10

1. Describe a problem and then an innovative solution to that problem. Now try to come up with a variation.
example:  (PROBLEM)I need to get to school, I am late,  I have no money for the bus.  (SOLUTION) The old man next door is not always friendly but if I agree to mow his lawn on Saturday he will give me a ride to school.  (Variation) The old man has a flat tire so I will promise to mow his lawn inf he will give me the cash for Uber so I can get to school.

2. Take a photo of someone and display it ten different ways in photoshop.  ( Review the cube demo)
Place the images in a folder called last-first-friend.   You will share on memory card and To techartcity by   goog drive.

3. ???

Thursday 9-6
1.Write: Copy the blue words and then answer the question in red.

Innovation - The new and better way of working is a great innovation over the old way of doing things.
To observe the way things are and to then come up with a new better way is to be innovative. 

My new innovative research method is faster and is also more efficient.  I get more done and do a better job. 

I will innovate and make it more beautiful and more interesting.   

Through innovation I discover the best solution to the problem.

Describe an innovaative solution to getting over a mud puddle if you can't go around.  What can you do to go over the puddle without stepping in it?

2. (demo) paste into
• window selected with magic wand
• feathered windows work too
•  Shape tool - Select pixels button

3. In PhotoShop, on an 8.5 x 11 canvas , find an innovative way to show friends.  DUE AT THE END OF THE PERIOD.

Tuesday 9-4
1. Write: Copy the blue words and write the definion for each

  • Innovate
  • Variation
  • derivative

2. This assignment requires that you MEASURE correctly and that you are INNOVATIVE.
Create a layout for four 4 x 5 cards off the center axis on an 8.5 x 11 canvas (page) and then create four different cards.

Each card will have a company name, a caption and abstract imagery.  You must be innovative and create a simple geometric shape to represent each company and the product they provide.  The first one is done for you.  See layout below.  DUE 20 MINUTES BEFORE THE BELL RINGS. You may not steal pics from the Goog.

3. ??

Thursday 8-30
REMEMBER THE WORD IS ................Innovation
1. Define Innovation.

2. Make a flyer for a school event.
It is 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 8.5, your choice.
It will have words and imagery (pics) 
It must have a title or what the event is
It must have date, time, location and address(the school address) 

Now be INNOVATIVE and make a second different flyer about the same event.


3.  Take photos for Back To School  Night.  Odd Angle or Welcome Parents.

Tuesday 8-28
1.  Poster Demo

You can use this clipart


Friday 8-24
1. Finish elements.  Submit one example as last-first
• memory card
• upload to your goog drive
• share with techartcity

2. Take photos of person standing on one foot. , (It's OK to lean against a wall or another person)

3. ???

Wednesday 8-22
1. Change this poster identifying a specific  element of art using photoshop tools. Write that element on the 1/4 sheet paper. Also identify the tool used(write that down as well). Leave your work on-screen to be checked off in 15 minutes.

2. Continue with the elements of art assignment from Monday. Groups will share today.
3. Take photos of people.

Monday 8-20

Focus - Graphic Design for Print
Review the Elements of Art

Information/ Vocabulary
• line
• shape
• form
• space
• value
• color
• texture

1. In photoshop, make a drawing that represents  each element of art.
Here are a couple of examples:


2. put them all on your Goog drive in a folder called elements of art.
3. Submit just one as. last-first to

4. Take a photograph of an object in the classroom (not a person this time) and put the photograph on your goog drive in a folder called photographs.

5. ????

Wednesday 8-22

Information/ Vocabulary
• Font
• style
• alignment
• leading
• tracking
• free transform

1. Write the word and show

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